Star Wars: Thrawn Alliances by Timothy Zahn

Like many Star Wars novels, this wasn’t bad but it also kind of disappointed. I quite enjoyed the first Thrawn book so was looking forward to him teaming up with Darth Vader.

The story is divided over two timelines, back in the Clone Wars when we have Anakin and Padme teaming up with Thrawn for the first time, and then the ‘current’ timeline, set during the Rebels TV series time with Thrawn and Vader. They are both set on the same set of planets near the edge of Unknown space, of which we’ve had a lot of hints in the novels. 

Honestly both storylines weren’t the best. They had good bits but promised more than they delivered. The Thrawn-Vader storyline basically consisted on Thrawn asking Vader to trust him and Vader questioning his loyalty to the Empire. And Vader did trust him a lot which seemed out of character. There is some mitigation because of the events of the earlier timeline but not enough. We did finally get some of the real motivations of Thrawn which was good, I had been wondering. The earlier timeline was ok but seemed rather pointless, similar stories have already been done.

I think one of my main issues is that all these novels sound great and might finally reveal some actual major information but in the end they don’t. More hints about the outer rim but again nothing really relevant to the major storylines from the films. Disney probably have an embargo on what can be discussed but sometimes it feels kind of pointless reading these because of that.

3 stars out of 5

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