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Age of War by Michael J. Sullivan

That was one hell of a roller-coaster of a book. We start off pretty much where we finished in Age of Swords, and basically the whole book is set in Alon Rhist. Since it’s the third book I can’t really go into too many plot details as it would be spoilers for the previous but all the POV’s basically stay the same with an addition of one or two I think.

I’m still a big fan of Persephone as she feels very realistically written. She’s a bit older and definitely acts that way. Too often in fantasy books I think there is very little middle ground, characters are either quite young or quite old so it’s nice to read about somebody in the middle, who’s learned some of life’s lessons and acts accordingly, she’s not one to let sentiment get in the way of what needs to be done. The growth of Suri is also really well done, she has matured, even more so in this book, but man it’s not been easy on her and it doesn’t get better here. Raithe and Gifford both have great storylines in this book after not featuring so much in the previous and man are they emotional, both good and bad.

After quite a slow start to this book the pace builds from about half way through and doesn’t let up. There are so many moments in this book that got me quite a bit, I’m still thinking about them. This is the end of the first ‘arc’ I believe and it shows. There are revelations, some of which I didn’t expect at all and that end, wow. Epic feels.

The author has a way of always catching me by surprise. The books feel quite straight-forward, I think they’re going one place, and maybe they do get there but it’s the how that catches me. It happened in the first Riyria books and it’s happened again here, I really didn’t see that end coming. It’s not a twist or anything, just an unexpected end.

I’ve only minor quibbles with this book. It took a bit to get going and the rise in technological invention amongst the human contingent continues unabated, they’ve gone through what feels like 1000 years of progression in 2. There are mitigating factors but still bothers me a little. However these are only minor quibbles. What was a pretty solid, enjoyable book was turned into an amazing book by that last half. A brilliant series and still three more to come!

5 stars out of 5

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