The Crimson Campaign by Brian McClellan

Another enjoyable entry in the series. We start off shortly after the events of the first book. Taniel is recovering from his injuries. Tamas is dealing with an impending Kez invasion. Adamat is still trying to get all of his family back and Nila is captive of Lord Vetas. Like the previous book the pace is crazy and soon we have both Taniel and Tamas in different military engagements, betrayals and reversals all over the place. Adamat’s and Nila’s POV’s are all based in Adro and we see what’s going on there through their eyes. 

I really enjoyed Taniel’s and Tamas’ storylines. There is a lot of action but there was also some good character development. Tamas’ especially was good as I struggled to connect with him in the first book but his motivations became a lot clearer in here, he seemed more human. Taniel’s was similar, dealing with aftermath of the events of the first book and the relationship between him and Ka-poel. She is still one of the best characters and I would love some POV from her.

Adamat’s I did not enjoy nearly so much. Honestly for a ‘family man’ he spends zero time with them. Most of his storyline, except for when Bo entered the picture, did not hold my interest. It did not feel that integral to the plot, except tangentially. Nila’s was similar but I did like hers, mainly because I like the character. Still fell she doesn’t really get enough page time, hopefully that’ll get better in the final book.

So overall a good book. Full of action and the worldbuilding gets more intricate. We see some other countries so the scale has expanded. Still have a thing in my head that I’m missing some prequel style books that deal with Tamas’ story when he was younger. Quite like that. I still have some reservations about the whole powder mage concept but that’s really just me and doesn’t seem to bother most people. Looking forward to the finale.

4 stars out of 5

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