Watchmen by Alan Moore

My first ever graphic novel. I’d seen the film and from what I remember it was a fairly faithful adaption apart from the end.

It starts with a murder and the follow up by a ‘superhero’ called Rorschach. It’s set it an alternative 1980’s and it’s a pretty dark world. It’s on the verge of world war 3, with the conflict between the Americans and Russians escalating.

It’s an interesting storyline, a basic murder mystery that quickly expands and becomes something much more world encompassing. The characters are good, all have their hangups, good points and bad which keeps it interesting. It’s split into 12 parts with interludes of interviews, transcripts etc. I particularly liked the section with Rorschach and the psychologist in prison, it was very well done. As for the artwork, I thought it looked good but honestly I don’t really have anything to compare it too.

As for the medium itself, it was something different but I’m not sure I’ll be jumping into it too much, I much prefer my pages of text! I’m glad I read it though, I’d been meaning to for quite a while.

4 stars out of 5

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