To Green Angel Tower by Tad Williams

Another fairly slow burn of a book though unfortunately it felt like the end was kind of rushed. I did enjoy this but to be honest I felt the end was kind of anti-climatic, it all ended a bit too easily. I do enjoy the author’s writing style, yes it’s dense but it’s so descriptive that you can get really immersed in it. I enjoyed pretty much all the POV’s this time though some of them could have been cut back a bit.

I had a burning question as to why Elias did what he did. I was answered. It was pretty much as I thought and I’m not overly satisfied with it, like the end it felt weak. This is a good read, nothing too ground breaking but considering the age of the series it was a lot darker and more progressive than a lot of books out at the same time.

4 stars out of 5

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