The Vorrh by Brian Catling

A very strange and odd book. There is no real plot as such, and there are an awful lot of different characters to keep track of, and of which there is not much connection between them. One character, Muybridge, seems to be entirely separate from all the others and has absolutely no connection to the ‘main’ area of the book, the titled Vorrh. To be honest there could be a connection but I entirely missed it as the whole book has a slightly dream like feel to it, and there are so many strange and weird things going on. The prose can be quite poetic and descriptive and the book itself I can only describe as quite ‘literary’.

This sounds like I didn’t enjoy it, I did. Sometimes I struggled wondering where the hell it was going but then I just started to enjoy it for what it was and see what madness was around the corner. I will pick up the sequel at some point so that shows that it was definitely worth while. I would recommend to people looking for something a bit different.

4 stars out of 5

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