Fool’s Quest by Robin Hobb

Another amazing chapter in the Realm of the Elderlings saga. This book is much faster paced than the previous one but still manages to pack the emotional punch. I think this entry has one of my favorite moments (maybe two) in the whole series, those moments when I’ll be in that wonderful anticipation mode during re-reads: (spoiler!) Fitz finally gets recognition for what he did during the Red Ship wars in the most spectacular and wonderful public way. Also Nettle finally seems to understand her dad and why he did what he did.

Of course these moments don’t last and Fitz gets emotionally beaten up all over again. And the Fool, he is not what he once was and it is not pleasant to see but still it is great to see him again and the relationship between the two. Towards the end the world also opens up and we start to see links to the other series and that is brilliant and I’m looking forward to more of that in the last book.

On that, I know this is series is not going to end well for Fitz or the Fool, it’s been fairly obvious from around mid-point of the first book, I hope I’m wrong but I doubt it. Anyway, let’s roll on to the emotional roller-coaster of the final book.

5 stars out of 5

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